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The Official Bits

This is the important information for you to read regarding the 2021-2022 Duck for Cover policies.

policy schedules

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policy wordings

Public and Product Liability Policy Wording 2021-2022

Personal Accident Policy Wording 2021-2022

Professional Indemnity Policy Wording 2021-2022

Performing Equipment Policy Wording 2021-2022

Duck for Cover undertakes that, in consideration of members applying and paying for membership and insurance cover, it will take reasonable steps to promptly notify members in the event that the insurance cover will not apply, is or is likely to be cancelled or not renewed and Duck for Cover is not able to secure substantially similar cover for the same period.

Upon request, Duck for Cover will give a provide a copy of the Policy Wordings and/or Schedules of the products without charge within a reasonable time after the request.

Applicants and members should consider obtaining their own advice about becoming a member of Duck for Cover and obtaining any of the insurance covers available through membership. 

your certificates

You can download copies of your certificates and invoices at any time by logging in to the My Duck section of the website. Or contact us.

financial services guide

Steadfast IRS Pty Ltd (formerly IC Frith Pty Ltd) Financial Services Guide

If you wish to verify cover, you can also contact our brokers, Steadfast IRS Pty Ltd
on 02 9034 5555.  

(Just let them know you are calling from Duck for Cover.)

Copies of past policy schedules or policy wordings are available on request, please contact the office.

NOTE: Duck for Cover Entertainers' Group Inc., takes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies in the documents whether caused by faulty scanning and/or character recognition or by the insurers or the insurers' agents.

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