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Rates for Groups

theatre group or community performing group cover rates

Below are the rates for Theatre and Community Performing Group cover. An alternative way of covering a group is available if all the members of the group are individual members of Duck for Cover (GA cover), the group can then be registered at no extra cost. Please refer to the information on Cover for Groups for more information.

Performing Groups are covered from whenever the application is approved until the policy ends which will be the 12th October 2022.  There is no refund available once your application for membership has been accepted and forwarded to the insurer.

Information on Theatre Group and Community Performing Group Cover is available here

theatre group or community performing group cover

for Public Liability cover until 12th October 2022

$ 259

optional additional covers for theatre and community performing groups

optional performing equipment cover

Please check back shortly.

optional personal accident cover

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Up to 20 members $339 $502 $666
Up to 40 members $666 $993 $1321

Click through for more information about the Personal Accident Cover for Groups.

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