Duck For Cover

An established not-for-profit association


Duck for Cover is a not for profit association that exists to provide low cost Public Liability cover for performers.  We also offer the option of adding a Personal Accident and/or an Equipment Cover policy to your cover. And for the 2013/2014 policy Venue Hire is now included as part of your policy.

We're really proud of what we've managed to create and sustain for Australian performers over the years, and happy that a positive relationship with our broker (IC Frith) and underwriting insurer (Allianz) means we can continue support performers with great, low cost insurance options.

Your documentation is with you almost instantly once your application is approved and, as a Duck for Cover member, you will have ongoing access to your material through the My Duck section of the website.

See below for some major policy features or click through to Policy Information for a breakdown of the benefits and detail.

If you have any questions, just contact the office!


The 2013/2014 Duck for Cover policy ends on the 12th August, 2014. If you join now, you will be covered until the 12th August, 2014. You, of course, are very welcome to join Duck now if you need the cover before the 30th June this year.

 However! The new (2014/2015) policy commences on the 1st July, 2014 and will run until the 12th August 2015. If you don’t have any performances you wish to be covered for before the 1st July, 2014, you may wish to postpone joining until that date.


Click the Apply Now button (spiky circle) on the left.


You can download and fill out the application form and return it to us through the post.

Or contact the office if you would like another copy emailed or posted.

NEW FOR 2013/2014 POLICY!

Venue Hire Now Included

Great news, Duck members! We're really pleased that in recognition of the excellent claims experience under the Duck for Cover Members Public Liability Insurance policy, Allianz insurance have agreed to expand the scope of cover to include members hiring venues to stage their performances. There is no additional premium payable for this extension. Check the Venue Hire page for detail.

Performing Equipment Cover Available!

At the request of our members, Duck for Cover asked our insurance broker to arrange a simple and low-cost Performing Equipment Insurance option as an optional extra to your Duck for Cover membership.

 The policy is designed to cover your performing equipment (including electronic equipment, props & sets and costumes) while in transit or while temporarily in storage (including at home) against Theft by forcible entry into a securely locked vehicle, home or temporary storage location, collision or overturning of a vehicle, fire, explosion, lightning or flood.

Performing Equipment Insurance page.

Cover for Marriage Celebrants

Again, as a result of requests from members, your work as a Marriage Celebrant can now also be covered under the Duck for Cover policy.

Broker and Insurer

Broker: IC Frith - Underwriter: Allianz Australia

nbsp;Duck for Cover have appointed IC Frith Insurance Brokers to look after our insurance arrangements with effect from 1 July 2009. All existing claims and all new claims will now be handled by IC Frith.

A new Public Liability Insurance policy has been arranged through Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd.

The Personal Accident Insurance policy will continue to be arranged through Accident & Health (agents of Allianz) under a new policy.

The Performing Equipment Insurance policy is underwritten by Liberty International Underwriters. LIU is backed by the financial strength of the Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group (LMG), a leading global insurer and the fifth largest property and casualty insurer in the USA.



Members will now receive Public Liability cover for Workshop/Teaching of most of their activities at no additional premium.

NOTE:   Some activities obviously require a much higher duty of care to the workshop participants and have been excluded from this automatic Workshop cover. The excluded activities are specified as Acrobats, Aerial Performers, Bed of Nails, Parkour, Sword Swallowing, Angle Grinding Acts, Cooking, Fire Acts, Own Body Piercing and Roller Skating/Skateboarding. Members who provide workshops/teaching that involve these excluded activities still need to arrange a separate Public Liability Insurance policy to cover their exposures.


The Duck for Cover members Liability policy does not require workshop participants to sign waivers.
While waivers have the potential to prevent or reduce liability claims, making a signed waiver an insurance policy condition could potentially leave you uninsured. Remember, it could be many years after you provide a workshop that you receive a solicitor’s letter advising that an incident occurred. If a signed waiver is required, you would now need to find the claimants signed waiver in order to be able to lodge a Liability claim.


The income threshold remains at $150,000 to include income you might earn from workshops/teaching.


The Personal Accident policy is optional for the 2013/2014 policy and covers lost Performance income AND lost Workshop income.


Can join Duck for Cover to cover them for their public liablity while they are performing in Australia.

Important Note for Agents and Artist's Managers:

Or anyone seeking to apply on behalf of another person

AGENTS AND MANAGERS: The application for insurance is a legal document and may only be signed by the applicant. If you do so for the applicant you are liable to criminal charges. The final 'SUBMIT' button in the on-line applications process is seen as a legal signature of the named person in Australian law.

The only person who should be filling out the online application is the individual seeking cover.

Existing Members

Members of the 2012/2013 policy

You can renew your membership any time from 1st July, 2013. You will be covered under the new insurance program from the date your application and payment is accepted. You will remain insured until the renewal date of 12 August, 2014.

REMEMBER! If your application is received on or before the 12th September, 2013, you are entitled to the Early Bird discount rate.

New Members

former members who were not on last year's policy.

You can be covered under the insurance program from the 1st July, 2013. You will be covered from when your payment is accepted.

You will remain insured until the renewal date of 12 August, 2014.

      If you need to add activities to your policy or you would like to add Personal Accident or Equipment cover, please fill out the Amendment form and return it to us with the appropriate payment (if there is one required).
      The 2013/2014 Duck for Cover policy ends on the 12th August, 2014. If you join now, you will be covered until that date, regardless of when you joined. You, of course, are very welcome to join Duck now if you need the cover before the 30th June this year.
      Just login to the My Duck section of the website. A copy of your certificate is stored there for you.